Policy Impacts Inaugural Conference

Policy Impacts held its inaugural conference on August 12. (Link to recording below)

View the conference recording here

Our inaugural conference brought together economists conducting research at the frontier of applied microeconomics and who are also translating the causal effects of the policy’s they study into their implied MVPFs.

Conference schedule:

1:00 – 1:05 Welcome

1:05 – 1:40 Elisa Jácome > Mental Health and Criminal Involvement: Evidence from Losing Medicaid Eligibility

1:45 – 2:20 Amy Finkelstein – What Does Health Insurance Do, And For Whom?

2:25 – 3:00 Lawrence Katz – Why Do Sectoral Employment Programs Work? Lessons from WorkAdvance

3:05 – 3:40 Christopher Walters – Augmenting State Capacity for Child Development: Experimental Evidence from India

3:45 – 4:20 Hilary Hoynes – Is the Social Safety Net a Long-Term Investment? Large-Scale Evidence from the Food Stamps Program

4:25 – 5:00 Joshua Angrist – The Marginal Effects of Merit Aid for Low-Income Students

5:05 – 5:15 Brief discussion of Policy Impacts Early-Career Research Scholars Grant Program